I drank the Kool-Aid

Over the weekend my father was upgrading his 2G iPhone to the 3G model. I had himmed and hawwed about getting the iPhone or waiting for the Blackberry Bold. Screw it, I got the new 3G iPhone, the 8GB model. Now I’m basically loading up on the needed accessories, a case, extra sync/power cable, apps from the app store. The one thing that I’ve come to rely on is the calendar.

Customer service done right

I got an email from my landlord yesterday saying that he lost my rent check, and would like me to cancel it and have my bank reissue a new check. For people who write checks this would be easy, just void the transaction in your checkbook and write another one. Problem is, I do all of my bills via Bank of America’s Bill-Pay feature on their website. I set an automated transaction on the 27th of every month to send the check to my landlord’s home address, money is automatically debited from my account, no manual intervention needed.

links for 2008-07-31

Booting DOS on a Flash Card So I was trying to figure out how to upgrade my server at home without needing a floppy drive. I came upon this page, that while you need a Windows machine, works flawlessly. Beware of its hacky nature, it works. (tags: flash bios usb)

links for 2008-07-30

How to Sync Any Desktop Calendar with Google Calendar [Google Calendar] This looks very handy, allowing bi-directional syncing between fat-client calendars and the web based google calendar. (tags: google sync calendar)

Hello, World!

I’ve given the blog another incarnation, this time on a real bonafide website, Webfaction. After reviewing a ton of other hosts, reading even more blog and forum entries, Webfaction had the best balance of cost, features, and location on the Internet (In ThePlanet datacenter in Dallas) that seemed to suit my needs. Here’s to another go at this whole blog thing.

Container Cheat Sheet

Git Add Submodule git submodule add <repo_url> <target_dir> Update Submodules Recursively git submodule update --recursive --remote Branching Create one and move to it git checkout -b <branch name> Docker Launch shell on running container docker exec -it <container name> /bin/bash Launch temporary container and a shell on it docker run --rm -it image:tag /bin/bash Kubernetes Get a shell on a running container kubectl exec -it <containerId> -- /bin/bash

Under pages, FreeBSD, IPv6, a DMZ, and you.

In the event I, or other folks, want to rebuild their FreeBSD-based router/firewall, this guide explains the configuration to provide the following characteristics: • IPv4 via DHCP • IPv6 (/48) provided via tunnel from Hurricane Electric • A unique IPv6 prefix (/64) provided to each L3 subnet on the local network. • An IPv4/v6 DMZ, which can only access the Internet and not the other LAN segments. ◦ DNS provided by Google’s public DNS servers, and not local servers.