She said yes...How it happened

Since everyone is asking how it happened, I figured I’d write it up. So the lies started early. I went away the weekend before to the Masters, with the plan of telling Meryl that we had plans the following Friday night. Her and I had planned a week-long vacation to Seattle and Vancouver, and I wanted to do the proposal the night before. So I lied to Meryl, saying we had to meet one of my father’s clients for dinner, and that it was a client we couldn’t say no to.

Live Nation Highway Robbery, DMB/Fenway Style

Among the most hated companies around is Ticket Master, known for shoddy service and outrageous fees. With its now widely-known merger plans with Live Nation, concert goers have grown concerned of a monopoly on the concert ticket market. With less competition, companies have less incentive to keep fees low, having no one to compete with but themselves. Which brings me to today. In the mail I received my Dave Matthews Band tickets for Fenway Park, for a concert in May.

New Router, Asus WL-500gP2 and Tomato

Last Sunday, I woke up to a dead Internet connection. Gmail, Cnn, ESPN, all wouldn’t load. Great. Checked the laptop wireless, no connection. Even better. Power cycled the cable modem and connected the laptop directly to it, and voila, I was back on the Internet. A dead Linksys WRT54G on my hands. It had served me well, but being a couple years old and not having the specs to run any of the newer versions of DD-WRT or Tomato.

Restaurant Review, Ten Tables Cambridge

The never ending race to Friday night, where M and I get home, and ask each other, “So where are we going out to eat this weekend?” I hadn’t come up with any new places, so I went through OpenTable curious to see where we could get into. Ten Tables popped up, the Cambridge location, and we called, just to see for the hell of it if we could get in.

Upgraded wordpress on the iphone

Just upgraded the wordpress app on my iPhone. Landscape typing is pretty good. Much wider area to type. Here is to blogging on the go…

Airline miles and credit card points, what a racket.

I don’t often use this medium as a bully pulpit to rant and rave about the idiocy I see around me, but this situation warrants it. I am in the midst of planning a vacation for my girlfriend and I. We had been batting around ideas of where to go, and have settled on going from our home in Boston to see Vancouver and Seattle for a week in April.

RAID array monitoring at home

Ever since I started using a simple RAID-1 setup at home, the only verification I had done to check on the status of the array was issuing some commands by hand on the command line. I finally got around to implementing something a bit more proactive using Nagios, its NRPE plugin tool, and a simple bash script that queries dmraid. To cut to the chase, for those who understand Nagios syntax, the below two sections are added to my server’s Nagios configs.

wd-50, gastronomic A+

Last weekend I went down to Manhattan for the weekend with the Girlfriend, and had wanted to try a new resturant. Having combed OpenTable, Chowhound and Yelp, I was surprised to see an open reservation at wd-50 for Saturday night, pre-theater hours. wd-50 is Wylie Dufrense’s resturant, his style of cooking easily described as molecular gastronomy. Take a dish, deconstruct it, and put it back together in an incredible preparation and presentation.

CES 2009, Day 1

Finally back at CES after a one-year hiatus, and it definitely has a different feeling from when I was last here. As most, if not all, of the news reports are showing, attendance and show size are down. The car pavilion was smaller, not as many tricked out cars with huge subwoofers showing their stuff. The electronics halls are not as packed with as many of the big name (Samsung, Toshibia, etc) electronics manufacturers.

A lot on my plate for 2009.

Going through my Google Reader feed this morning, I came across this post from a local food blog about their recent food ventures around here in Boston. I clicked around and found this great list of local food blogs for Boston. Hosted by Urban Spoon, which happens to have a handy iPhone application for finding nearby resturants. (I’m still partial to Open Table, which builds in reservations right into the app)).