Howto: Git, hooks, Nagios, oh my.

At work we have a monitoring configuration workflow where our Nagios config files are parsed and generated before they are allowed to be ‘svn commit’ed. I know this verification has saved me many times when trying to add new hosts or services, since everything might not be ready for prime time. I wanted to see if I could recreate this scenario at home using Git hooks, if only for my own interest and curiosity.

Network printing at home, over-engineered.

Compared to most other home networks, mine is a bit more complicated. I admit networking has always been an interest of mine, so I run my own OpenBSD firewall/router/vpn-endpoint, which itself runs the ISC Dhcpd v3 and BIND. With these together, I am able to run dynamic DNS. But some background first. Insert my 11-year old HP2100m printer that I have outfitted with an HP Jetdirect 610N 10⁄100 internal print server.

Testing wp->twitter oath

Is this new oAuth thing the apocalypse we all predicted?

Google Wave as an online notepad?

Months ago when Google Wave was the new hotness on the block, and everyone and their Internet-connected Mother was trying to get an account, I mostly scoffed at the technology. At the time I felt it was a cross between IRC, a rich real-time Wiki, and some crazy new “look what we can do Web 2.0” type application. I poked around the various incarnations it took through the preview, but mostly forgot about it months ago.

Find, you are a dirty mistress

In my latest task at work, I have to write a script to take the most recent file from a particular directory changed within the last 240 minutes and copy it to a particular dated directory, in YYYYMMDDHHMM style. After some digging in the ‘find’ manual page and bothering a co-worker I present: find $directory -mmin -240 -name ‘foobarstring’ -printf “%pn%CY%Cm%Cd%CH%CMn” This prints out on two successive lines: $(filename) $(dated string in the date format above)

Wine Riot 2010

I have been meaning to write this post for a few weeks, both as a recap of the event, and as a reminder to myself of the wine I want to keep a lookout for. For those not familiar with Wine Riot, it’s basically a beer festival/tasting, but with wine. A bunch of retailers, distributors and vineyards themselves come to the event and give samples of their product to attendees. This happened to be the biggest surprise for me.

Sprinkling an 'or' on your regex

Had some fun today getting this working. If you need to do a boolean ‘or’ comparison inside a regex with python, this is how I did it: if (re.match(r”([0-9]{6}|[0-9]{8})$“, mydate)): In this case, I was trying to either match a date string using 8 digits, YYYYMMDD, or 6 digits, YYMMDD.

Review: Ergotron LX Dual/Triple Display Lift Stand

During my annual trip to CES in Las Vegas this past year, I entered myself in the Tweet2Win contest hosted by Ergotron. They are a company from St. Paul, Minnesota, who make ergonomic products for work environments, from monitor stands, to portable desks, laptop stands, and everything in between. Turns out, I was one of the winners. Through a series of conversations, I was able to receive an LX Dual/Triple Display Lift Stand as my winnings.

Holy Dim Sum

I was down in Chinatown a couple weeks ago having shabu shabu while my mother was in town. I was waiting for her to arrive, and wandered over to an area of the neighborhood I don’t normally frequent (the East side of Surface Road for those curious)t. I came upon Hei La Moon, a resturant I had frequently read about via local food blogs and forums. I grabbed a menu and noticed that the dim sum list was at least 20-30 deep.

2010, a goal sheet.

Since everyone is blogging about how they want to make 2010 the best year ever, this is my list of resolutions/goals for the year. Most importantly, is to get married. August 7th seems far away now, but I am sure once things pick up, surviving my wedding will be a great goal to have completed. Improve my programming skills. I’m an operational programmer at heart, coding to get the job done.